Our family and children services include:

  • 0-3 Special Needs Services
  • IEP/504 Plan Assistance
  • Phone Support Contacts
  • Information Packets
  • Resource & Referral
  • Mommy & Me Groups
  • 0-5 Case Management
  • Clothing Closet
  • Blanket Donations
  • Referrals for Legal Assistance
  • Teen Life Choices Group (TLC)

Health & nutrition

Our health and nutrition services include:

  • “We Care” Meals Tickets
  • Blanket Donations
  • Home & Hospital Visits
  • Medi-Cal Application Assistance
  • Healthy Living Workshops
  • Children’s Mental Health Referrals
  • Referrals to Drug/Alcohol Services
  • Referrals to Adult Mental Health Services
  • Emergency Food Assistance


Our parents services include:

  • Parent-to-Parent Support
  • Nurturing Parent (Parenting Class)
  • Referrals for Legal Assistance
  • 0-3 Special Needs Services
  • 0-5 Case Management

Mental health

Our mental health services include:

  • Support Groups
  • Children’s and Adult’s Mental Health Referrals

Groups offered

  • Mommy & Me Group
  • Teen Life Choices (TLC)
  • Healthy Living Workshops
  • AntiBullying Groups
  • Parent Partner Peer Support Groups
  • Resource Parent Peer Support Groups
  • Special Needs Peer Support Groups
  • Project Fatherhood Groups
  • Healthy Relationship Groups

Covid-19 Support

We are currently working to provide outreach and wraparound services to families affected by COVID-19. In addition to our general relief, we are especially seeking to support families that are employed in the agricultural and food processing industries. Moreover, we provide drop-off deliveries to families that are isolated, self-quarantined, and experiencing possible exposure. It is important to note that we are working in partnership with Tulare County HHSA, through their Healthy Harvest program. This program helps to ensure housing options are available for those that do not require hospitalization. Overall, our efforts promote family strengthening through education, resources, and services for families experiencing financial hardship and issues of destabilization due to the pandemic.

  • PPE (e.g. facemask, sanitizer, gloves)
  • Emergency Food Provisions
  • Non-perishable goods
  • Additional groceries based on need
  • Food vouchers
  • Home deliveries
  • Baby essentials (e.g. diapers, wipes, formula)
  • Baby essentials (e.g. diapers, wipes, formula)
  • Children’s Books and art related materials
  • Oximeters & Thermometers
  • Utility and rental assistance
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Anti-bacterial cleaners
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Resource & Referral
  • Support Groups
  • Education materials
  • Emergency clothing closet