Assistant Trainer

Expired on: Sep 21, 2023

Job description

Assistant Training Instructor

Job Description

Job Title: Assistant Training Instructor Location: Visalia, Ca
Hours: Full-time (37.5 hours/week)
Wage: $21/Hourly

Position Description

The Assistant Training Instructor will assist the Lead Training Instructor/Fidelity Compliance Officer in providing training, coaching, mentorship, and facilitation of monthly meetings to ensure Everyday Parenting model fidelity is both maintained at their site and at several Family Resource Centers in Tulare County.

The Assistant Training Instructor with assist the Lead Training Instructor/Fidelity Compliance Officer in providing the following support to the 6 Family Resource Agencies: 1) Individualized consultation for providers to promote expertise, competence, and confidence using the Family Check-Up intervention and Everyday Parenting skills training program, 2) Recording and review of videotaped (or audiotaped) Feedback sessions with clients, Supervisory sessions with colleagues, and Training sessions with colleagues, which meet fidelity criteria according to empirically validated measures of fidelity to the FCU and EDP, 3) provide support specific to aspects of the model that the provider experiences as challenging in their agency context or wants to improve.

Essential Functions

· Assist the Lead Training Instructor in areas of supervision of providers within your agency who are delivering the Family Check-Up model via individual and/or group supervision, to include:

  • Providing a collaborative and strength-focused approach among the provider group.
  • Guidance to providers regarding delivery with fidelity of the two components of the FCU (FCU and Everyday Parenting) with specific families being served
  • Teaching on engagement and ongoing trainings of providers in competent use of strategies used within FCU, tailored to the provider’s skills and knowledge base and/or skill gaps. Examples of potential provider needs include use of Motivational Interviewing strategies; accurate assessment of FCU family interaction tasks; and tailoring work with families, such as selecting parenting interventions, to the needs of each family.
  • Effectively structuring and managing meetings.
  • Facilitating providers’ sharing and discussion of family session recordings as part of the supervision and learning process, in 1:1 supervision and in group supervision (when applicable)
  • Reviewing providers’ sessions with families via recordings or observation to assess adherence to the FCU model, with feedback to the provider based on the reviews

· Assist in training new FCU providers in all elements of the FCU model, including via Supervisor-Trainer delivery to new providers of the FCU and EDP trainings

· Assist in keeping records on each family served. Records may include, but are not limited to: a copy of the service delivery plan, a chronological list of all contacts with a summary of topics discussed and/or services provided, as well as follow-up, compliance, and outcome information;

· Assist in connecting at-risk children and families to evidence-based services and programs in their community by linking families to appropriate resources and services based on specific


· Follow-up on referrals and monitor progress for each family served;

· Collaborate and coordinate, as appropriate, with service providers other applicable

services to facilitate access for families to needed services;

· Refer family back to CWS if the alleged allegation of abuse or neglect continues to occur

or a new allegation of abuse or neglect is discovered.

· Secure and maintain consent of all involved parties

· Maintain confidentiality of records

· Must be able to maintain professional boundaries

· Excellent communication skills, written and verbal

· Knowledge of community resources

· Ability to work as part of a team

· Attend additional trainings as required

· Adhere to home visitation standards of practice

· Return phone calls promptly

· Ability to work with people

· Maintain positive and respectful attitude

· Ability to clearly communication with people

· Check emails daily and keep calendar up to date and accurate

· Other duties as assigned


· Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or related field

· Two years’ experience in case management

· Bilingual English/ Spanish is Preferred

· General computer proficiency

· Valid Driver’s License

· Reliable Transportation

· Valid Vehicle Insurance

· Pass Drug Test

· Pass Background Check

Job Category: Assistant Trainer
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Visalia Parenting Network Inc
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